Happy when..

Happy when feeling loved, caring by him, adored, miss and everything about love. I miss being in loved passionately and I miss everything about love! Thank god, I’ve found you. Doesn’t care when you come, what times, what places, but this moment, this minute, this seconds, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU, BUDDY! Really reallllllyyyyy love you. I don’t even know our friendship can turn into this unexpected relationship. I love this relationship and I love you, buddy. I am 21 and you too. We’re both in same ages, growing up. I hope this relationship is not like ‘cinta monyet’ school teenagers. How I wish this is a serious one. But anything can happen I know. You know tawakal? Yes I am tawakal on what happened next. I’m ready to face anything that comes next. But in a same time, I hope you will be there forever in my future perhaps? Because you’re different. Different from any guys that I knew. I means exes and not include my bestfriends! Since the first time I saw you, I didn’t feel anything. Yeah because we are just friends, and classmates. But one day, we’re become very closed. Too closed. Like bestfriends. We always texting and call every day, shared stories and everything. Till now. I hope this will be last forever. If we’re not meant to be together soon, I still want to be your friends, till die :)

Sayang, terima kasih kasih untuk segenap rasa di dalam hati ini, terima kasih kerana kamu hati aku kini berbunga bunga, kerana kamu, aku dapat semula perasaan cinta yang telah lama padam ini, kerena kamu juga, aku rasa setiap hari diperlukan. Aku rindu saat itu. Kini aku telah dapat. Dan orang itu adalah kamu. Kalau aku boleh ungkapkan perasaan ini satu persatu, ingin aku lakarkan dihadapan kamu sayang. Ingin aku tunjuk apa ada dalam isi hati aku ini kepada kamu. Hati yang telah merah kembali. Betapa perlunya diri kamu disini, di dalam hati aku, dikamar milik kamu. Aku sayangkan kamu, harini, esok dan selamanya. Terima kasih kepada kerajaan yang bertakhta di hati ini. I love you, Nazreen.